08 September 2015

Viva Las Vegas Mani

As you're reading this I'm probably on a place making my way to fabulous Las Vegas. Don't get too jealous, it's not nearly as glamorous as it sounds when you have a toddler in tow.

But at least my nails are pretty. I've been planning this mani for ages and it's gone through many iterations in my mind before finally ending up in this blinged out masterpiece that fully embodies the gaudy, showy hot mess that is Las Vegas.

Viva Las Vegas Mani

Where do we start? How about the obnoxious blue hex glitters that have been the only thing unchanged in my mani musings. It's because of these suckers that I had such a hard time nailing down a plan for my Vegas nails. For one, I hate chunky glitter top coats and I'd never done glitter placement before so I had no inspiration at all. But I had to use these stupid glitters. Why? Because the name of this polish is LAS, the airport code for McCarren International Airport in Las Vegas. The polish is from Uslu Airlines and they mane all of their products after airports.

The glitter polish is apparently scented according to the website but I can't say I noticed much of a scent as I was using it. But that may have been because my senses shut down in a hate filled rage as I was doing the glitter placement. Let's just say I really suck at this technique.

Moving along, the base of this mani is Funky Fingers Bling Dipper, which is a sparkly, holographic microglitter. This brand is only available at Five Below. I hear tell that Bling Dipper is a pretty sweet UV polish that shifts to a gorgeous purple in the sun but I haven't been outside yet to try it out myself. If I manage a moment between sipping Pina Coladas by the pool I'll come back and update. Just kidding, I really meant to say, if I manage a break from chasing my toddler around trying to keep him from destroying my parents house I'll let you know how it looks in the sun.

The application is as you would expect for a microglitter. It took three coats and some dabbing to get good coverage. I did some stamping on top of Bling Dipper using Funky Fingers Dark Night, faburnails stamper, and uberchic beauty plate 2-02.

Funky Fingers Bling Dipper

For the accent nails I used one of my all time favorite polishes Polish Pusher All for Ezra. This was a limited edition polish that if simply stunning. It's a people base with colored, holographic flakies. The application is smooth as butter and I used three coats just to be thorough.

Polish Pusher All for Ezra and M Polish To Have And To Holo

I stamped my thumb with the same diamonds image from uberchic 2-02 and I stamped my ring finger using plate IG102 from It Girl. I was very impressed with the quality of this new plate and I can't wait to see what else she comes out with! For both stampings I used M Polish To Have And To Holo.

Polish Pusher All for Ezra and M Polish To Have And To Holo

I'm totally ignoring the fact that they look line snowflakes and am telling myself that is reminiscent of casino carpet. Maybe it'll look like casino carpet after a few Pina Coladas.

I topped everything with Glisten and Glow HK Girl topcoat, which I've found dries almost as fast as Seche Vite. Thanks for sticking around for the longest blog post ever!


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