22 August 2015

Mint Polish Bellini Babe and M Polish Berry Best Friends

I was feeling like doing something subtle this weekend and luckily my wonderful friend @polished.plumage recommended the perfect nude: Mint Bellini Babe.

Some of the swatches on Mint's site for Bellini Babe are a bit off. They show it as a pinkish color when is definitely more nude. It's absolutely gorgeous and is now at the top of my neutral polish list.

Mint Bellini Babe

The formula is pretty good. It's a little thin and quite sheer, but I was expecting that given the description on the website. I used two coats for this mani and you can see the prominent visible nail line.

What I love about this polish is it's so complimenting to my skin tone. It also has a slight shimmer which adds a bit of interest without being overwhelming. Here's the macro.

Mint Bellini Babe macro

I was in a stamping mood, so I broke out my M Polish Berry Best Friends, which was a group custom for those in the M Polish Lovers facebook group. This is my favorite polish to stamp with. I love how easy it is to work with and the color is so pigmented and gorgeous. It's also holo!

Mint Bellini Babe and M Polish Berry Best Friends

I stamped using plate BM-716 and my FabUrNails stamper. I adore the contrast between the nude polish and the berry pink stamping.

Mint Bellini Babe and M Polish Berry Best Friends

My macro game was a little off this week. I couldn't capture any of the wonderful holo sparkle in Berry Best Friends. I guess you can't win them all.


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