20 August 2015

Throwback: Nude Nail Art

Here's an oldie but a goodie for you, a nude stamped mani I did 3 months ago.

I used OPI Do You Take Lei-Away as the base. It's a lovely, neutral brown that is very flattering. I recall the formula being nice, like most OPIs. I stamped with OPI Love Angel Music Baby, which is a fantastic satin, gold, shimmery beauty. It stamps really well, but dries quickly so you have to be quick. I used an image from uberchic beauty 1-01 plate and used a creative shop stamper. On the accent nail is Zoya Godiva, a textured pixie dust polish.

OPI Do You Take Lei-Away and Love Angel Music Baby

Sorry for the short post today, this mani is from way back in the olden days when I wasn't cool enough to have macros and the like!


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